The Best Steakhouse in Cape Town
Where did we get the name for our restaurant?
We are a steakhouse in existence since the early sixties and we pride ourselves in producing steaks far superior to our competitors. Our steaks are guaranteed super grade, grained beef. It is hung on the carcass for up to 7 days and is then packed by professional butchers. The meat is wet-aged for up to 21 days and then put before your very eyes to order and you are welcome to join us at the grill to make your choice. The management, on request, will willingly show you the cool room where our stock is rotated.

SoWho are we?
Is it because the best cuts come from the rear, and Nelson was a Rear Admiral? Or is it because Horatio symbolizes everything we hope to achieve in the domination/franchise market? Well in truth, it’s none of these things. Our founder has long since disappeared into cholesterol heaven and when we tried to make contact with a relative who may know the reason for the name we were told to bugger off. So, we don’t know…